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Useful things to support your mental health

Whether from conversations in our community, our own research and content, or signposting to useful work from others - our resources section is constantly growing to offer you tangible ways to look after your mental health when working for yourself, freelancing and self-employed.

Our most popular little guides to ...

Freelancing and mental health

Our original guide to working well when self-employed, packed full of simple and effective techniques.

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Working from Home during lockdown

The Winter edition of our guide to tackling issues related to remote working and covid - with a particular focus on self-employment.

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Late Payments

Tackling one of the most common confidence issues of self-employment, with worksheets and techniques to help combat the experience.

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Imposter Syndrome

Tackling one of the most common confidence issues of self-employment, with worksheets and techniques to help combat the experience.

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Common Challenges

Whilst we're all unique - there are some common challenges which freelancers deal with on a regular basis, so we're constantly gathering resources to help tackle these themes.

Healthy Habits

Setting boundaries when you’re new to freelancing Taking time off when self-employed Juggling homeschooling and work when freelancing Dealing with meeting overload during COVID 19 Making zoom calls less stressful

Emotional Needs

Dealing with parental guilt and self-employment during lockdown Dealing with lack of motivation and lethargy Anxiety and IR35 Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Working Relationships

Dealing with late payments Dealing with disputes over fees

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Research and Findings

We conduct annual studies on the relationship between mental health and self-employment. Look at our historical and current research here.

Research Study 2020

Results from 2020 into mental health and self-employment are now publicly available.


Research Study 2019

Results from 2019 into mental health and self-employment


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April 8th 2021
Entrepreneurship + Parenting + Neurodivergence - in conversation with Rachelle Denton.
Rachelle Denton talks us about her experience of parenting, freelancing and navigating neurodivergence as part of Autism Awareness month.
March 31st 2021
What did you learn from your last project?
Make time to capture and reflect what you've learned from each project - to build upon next time, and to observe your own progression and development.
March 22nd 2021
Dealing with late payments - freelance designer Sophie Riano's experience of chasing an invoice
When your payment is late, how does it feel to chase it up? We asked freelancer Sophie Riano to share her experiences.
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Resources for Organisations

If you hire or work with freelancers, we have a dedicated platform for you - Freelance Friendly. This community is for those organisations who want to work well with their freelancers or provide support for communities of freelancers and the self-employed.

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