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We curate and create things that help you take care of you.

We've created a wide range of resources, rooted in the conversations from our community and our own research into mental health and self-employment.


If you feel at risk or in danger:
Call 999 or visit A&E.
You are not wasting anyone's time.

If you need someone to speak to:
Call Samaritans on 116 123
for free and in confidence.
Speak to your GP, who will be
able to suggest a range of ways to help.

Find more support options:
Visit the Mind website

Why it matters

Why mental health at work matters more for freelancers.
An introduction to why you need to take care of the most important assset in your business: you.
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How you doing?
15 simple things to work well.
Our most popular download and guide to a handful of simple things that help you work well as a freelancer.
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What is Leapers,
and why do we exist?
Read more about Leapers, why we exist, how we help freleancers and the self-employed.
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Conversations and ideas curated from the community

Series: Tangible Techniques
Work Well With Leapers
Find out more about our new support product, coming soon.
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Freelance Friendly
How to support your freelancers during Mental Health Awareness Week
It's mental health awareness week - which is a time for all of us to reflect upon how we can better support all of the people we work with, not just our employees.
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Topic: Legal Rights
Guide to Contracts
An introduction to why contracts really matter, how they protect you, and resources for creating one.
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Topic: Money and Tax
Spring Budget 2023 - what does it mean for the self-employed?
The Spring Budget was announced on March 15, 2023 - we unpack the key announcements and what they mean for the self-employed.
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Series: Tangible Techniques
Done the work? Get it accepted
Just because you've delivered the work doesn't always mean the project is over. Freelance Project Director Charlotte Kelly shares her advice on having your work accepted by the client.
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Section: Research
Leapers Annual Report on Mental Health and Freelancing in 2022
Our annual study into the mental health of the self-employed during 2022 has been published. How are we doing, and what more can be done to support each other?
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Matthew's View
Once you go freelance, can you ever go back?
Having control over your work is about being able decide how you work, even if that means being in employment.
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Series: Tangible Techniques
Back to work in January
Here is our guide to getting back into the swing of work during the dark January days.
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Taking a festive break for freelancers
Our tips on how to wind down for the holidays, when you're self-employed.
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Freelance Friendly
Mash are Freelance Friendly
In our series talking to Freelance Friendly businesses, we spoke to Tash Menon of Mash, a freelance first global creative company delivering big work for brands.
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Series: Mythbusting
Mythbusting: Freelancing means working fewer hours
In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different?
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Freelance Friendly
In Conversation with: Danielle Wallington
Chatting to Danielle Wallington about her community building, supporting female founders, and her own support network as a self-employed parent.
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Share your voice in our annual survey
Every year we ask the self-employed: how you doing? A deep dive into the relationship between your work and your mental health - to help us better understand the challenges and hurdles we are facing.
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Series: Mythbusting
Myth 4: You only work on projects you're passionate about
In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different?
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Guides and Support
Freelancers and World Mental Health Day 2022
It's World Mental Health Day, but if you're seeing all of the posts and articles about support, and feeling like its not relevant to you - Leapers is here to help!
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Psst, there's lots more in here, going back to 2017.
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Our annual study into mental health and self-employment.

Every year, we publish new data on the relationship between self-employment and mental health. This work both drives our understanding of what really matters most, and helps other organisations know where to focus their efforts.

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