The Leapers Little Guide to... Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome affects over 70% of people, but what is it, and how can you tackle the phenomenon?

A downloadable PDF, based upon conversations in the Leapers community, along with tested tangible behaviours and techniques which help - this free Leapers Little Guide helps you understand and tackle one of the common stressors of the self-employed.


When you're working for yourself, self-doubt can be all too common.

Whilst it isn’t just a self-employed issue, because we are are often working on our own - the feelings, thoughts and behaviours attached to Imposter Syndrome can become a bigger problem, especially if they hold us back from doing our best work, or we don't have others around to challenge or discuss our thoughts.

So, we've written a Leapers Little Guide to Imposter Syndrome, downloadable as a PDF - containing an overview of what Imposter Phenomenon is, stories from our members on their experiences and advice, and tips and techniques for reducing its impact upon your work.

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