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We’re the team for people without a team.

Leapers supports the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed. We're a free and inclusive community project for anyone who works differently.

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Ten questions to ask before you take the leap into freelancing

January is a time of year where many decide to leave work and pursue their own business. We've listed ten questions you'll find useful to explore the answer to before starting day one.

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Conversations from the community.

Based upon the insights and questions from the community - we curate and create resources that support your wellbeing

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May 20th 2022
Series: Tangible Techniques
Struggling to focus? Find what works for you

Don't fall for articles suggesting "THIS ONE THING ALWAYS WORKS" or the "MUST DO TECHNIQUE USED BY ALL CEOS"... Finding things that work for you takes a bit of exploration and support. Read.

May 12th 2022
Guides and Support
Freelance Friendly Network

Our growing list of communities who welcome and support freelancers - and could help you to feel less isolated. Read.

May 11th 2022
Guides and Support
Guide to: finding your community as a freelancer

Belonging to a community where you can listen and learn from others who are on similar journeys is a powerful part of your support network. Read.

May 9th 2022
Freelance Friendly
How Gravity Road supports its freelancers.

We spoke to award winning digital innovation agency Gravity Road about how and why they believe supporting freelancers really matters. Read.

May 8th 2022
Guides and Support
Dealing with Loneliness when Freelancing

For Mental Health Awareness Week - our newest guide tackles an issue that over 70% of freelancers face - feelings of isolation, disconnection and loneliness. Read.

May 5th 2022
Freelance Friendly
This Mental Health Awareness Week, don’t forget your freelancers

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Matthew Knight, founder of the freelancer support community Leapers, explains why we should all be doing more to support the mental health of our independent workers. Read.

April 26th 2022
Guides and Support
Technique: Writing a Holiday Policy

Take a strategic approach to time off by writing yourself a holiday policy, a useful document outlining your minimums time off, frequency of time off, and boundaries for protecting your time off. Read.

April 20th 2022
Freelance Friendly
Signposting your freelancers to support

Whilst all clients and employers could do more to support their freelancers, often even the very least is missing - so Leapers is here to help. Read.

March 2nd 2022
Series: Tangible Techniques
Little Wins - a simple but powerful tool for motivation

Remembering to capture and share the little wins, the small steps not just the big milestones, is an important part of building up resilience, maintaining motivation and being more aware of the continual progress we make as independent workers. Read.

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5m people in the UK are self-employed. Who is looking after their wellbeing at work?

Working for yourself can be rewarding, but it comes with a unique set of challenges.

We’re here to remind and encourage and support freelancers, the self-employed and small business owners to invest in the most important part of your business. You.

Supporting the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed.

We’re a community of support for the self-employed.

It’s free to join, non-judgemental, open and supportive - just what you need when you're either starting out as a freelancer, or established but fed up of working on your own.

Established in 2017, we’ve welcomed over 3500 members from across 22 timezones.

Discover our #askanything channel, #littlewins for celebrating, #worktogether for finding others to sit with, #brainfood for inspiration, #workwell for healthy habits and #theweeklyquestion to provoke debate.

Or sign up to receive monthly digests of activity from the community via email, if being an active online member isn’t the right thing for you.

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We create and curate tangible things that can help.

We distill conversations from our community plus insight from our friends, into useful guides, content and tools which help you navigate the experience of working for yourself.

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Working well from home under COVID19

Our collection of resources to working well during the pandemic not just for the self-employed.

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How you doing? Freelancing and Mental Health

Tips and techniques to look after your mental health when freelancing and self-employed.

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Podcast: No more watercooler.

Conversations with freelancers about their experiences of mental health and working for themselves.

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And we help businesses work well with freelancers.

We work with anyone who is creating better experiences for the self-employed, or wants to.

Access the resources available for your network of freelancers, offer membership to your community, enroll in our Freelance Friendly Businesses programme, or get bespoke support through our friends at y+x.

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How you can support the mental health of the self-employed.

Our aim is more supportive and sustainable work for modern workers. Read about our history and mission.

In the past three years, we’ve supported over 50,000 people - but that’s only 0.1% of the UK’s self-employed. To help us do more, we welcome support from individuals and organisations aligned with our goals.

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We also partner with other communities and organisations who have aligned goals, or want to better support the self-employed: you can access our content, work with us to develop programmes and communities, access our network of insight or provide your products to our community - work with us.

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