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October, 2019


I am looking to connect with a brilliant techy/ops/process led mind to discuss a platform that measures the impact of wellbeing therapies on the individual and businesses. There are many variations of platforms out there but needing some guidance which could potentially lead to work. Any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated.


It's not me, it's you! Breaking up with clients is hard to do - so this week's #theweeklyquestion is ... how do you end things with a client when the project has gone awry, or the relationship is not working? What experience have you had here, or what advice might you share?


Massive win this afternoon. Just got my mark back for my masters dissertation and got a first. Worked so incredibly hard for this so I’m absolutely buzzing and feeling very proud of myself right now!


If you haven't seen @Mia Freitas's "being a freelancer is...", Check it out. It's so accurately observed. https://instagram.com/beingafreelanceris


It's not all talk. If we’ve found something brilliant, we share it. If there’s something missing, we create it.

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Whenever possible, we wrap up the conversations from our community in to useful articles and guides. Here are some of our thoughts.

Meet the Chief Freelance Officer.

Ensuring that there’s someone who has taken the time to design the way in which your teams find, onboard, integrate, support and build relationships with your external talent, is critical as more businesses move towards flexible work forces. Read.

10 Mental Health Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Go Freelance

When you’re stepping away from the support of a team, there’s a risk to your wellbeing, with money, stress and loneliness high on the list of ongoing issues. If you’re thinking of taking the leap, ask yourself these questions: Read.

The five foundations of freelancing.

Designing how you want to work requires thinking about the foundations for being able to work, and doing good work. Not just finding the work. Read.

There's plenty more where these come from. See all of our articles.

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A large part of our work is working with organisations who want to work better with freelancers.

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