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Leapers supports the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed

Our mission is to make modern work more supportive and sustainable for modern workers.

We are a a community of support, offering tangible things to help, and guide those who hire modern workers.

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Take part in our annual study into mental health and self-employment

Our study aims to better understand the challenges of self-employment, freelancing and running your own business, in order to build better awareness and support for independent workers and your wellbeing, and help challenge industry and government to do better.

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We are a community
of support for the self-employed.

The beating heart of Leapers is our core community on Slack.

Established over two years ago, we’ve welcomed over 1600 members from across 22 timezones.

Discover our #askanything channel, #littlewins for celebrating, #worktogether for finding others to sit with, #brainfood for inspiration, #workwell for healthy habits and #theweeklyquestion to provoke debate.

It’s free to join, non-judgemental, open and supportive - just what you need when you're either starting out as a freelancer, or established but fed up of working on your own..


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Working Well when self-quarantined

Our guide to working from home under enforced isolation.

With the rise of COVID-19, more people are being encouraged to work from home or forced to under quarantine. We've pulled together a number of useful suggestions for anyone working remotely under stressful situations.


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How you doing?

A guide to mental health
for the self-employed.

We’ve recently published our first ebook, a set of techniques to help look after yourself, when working for yourself.

Grab a copy for free.


or view all our resources.

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Why 2020 is the year businesses need to be freelance friendly

Read our latest article on freelance culture, mental health and better working well with the self-employed.


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On modern work, freelancing and mental health.

Whenever possible, we wrap up the conversations from our community in to useful articles and guides. Here are some of our thoughts.

Eight reasons not to chase an overdue invoice.

We give ourselves excuses to avoid dealing with conflict, but we must tackle late payments head-on, and not accept responsibility for the bad behaviours of others. Read.

Dealing with meeting overload during covid

The pandemic has led to an explosion of over-communication and meeting-overload for many. How do we rethink about how meetings play an important role in our work, whilst also protecting our own energy levels during the day? Read.

Why mental health at work matters even more when you're freelancing

Now you’re working for yourself, is mental health at work still relevant, or is it just something big corporates do? Here are five reasons why mental health at work matters even more now you’re self-employed. Read.

Good mental health for all includes your freelancers

If you believe the future of work is more agile, dynamic, diverse and open to all, and than mental health at work is important to the success of your business - then make sure you include all of your team, regardless of employment contract. Read.

There's plenty more where these come from. See all of our articles.

And more simple, useful, practical and tangible things to help.

It's not all talk. If we’ve found something brilliant, we share it. If there’s something missing, we create it.


Mental Health and Self-Employment our downloadable guide to mental health No More Watercooler our podcast of conversations on self-employment and mental health Huru - Our Research. our mental health research project

Guides & Tools

Resources on mental health and self-employment for freelance journalists a collection of links, communities and resources for those in journalism Little Leapers Guide to Imposter Syndrome our downloadable guide on tackling self-doubt Manual of Me. help others work
better with you

Things to read

On Modern Work Our thoughts on freelancing and mental health. Freelance Friendly: HudsonBec see how a freelance friendly business supports their team

For Employers

For the Hirers. we work with organisations to support their freelancers Work Well Workshops. mental health for
the self-employed
Welcome. helping onboard
freelancers onsite
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Helping the hirers.

Helping businesses do better work with freelancers.

We work with anyone who is creating better experiences for the self-employed, or wants to.

Access the resources available for your network of freelancers, offer membership to your community, enroll in our Freelance Friendly Businesses programme, or get bespoke support through our friends at y+x.

Get in touch to see how we can help you support the self-employed.

For Employers.

Our Partners & Friends

We also partner with organisations who have aligned goals, or want to better support the self-employed: you can access our content, work with us to develop programmes and communities, access our network of insight or provide your products to our community - work with us.

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If we’ve found something brilliant, we share it. If there’s something missing, we create it.

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We work with organisations to improve the experience both freelancers and the businesses hiring them.

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Have we helped you?

We’re a non-funded community - our members simply support each other, but there are ways you can help to give back.

1. Invite others - awareness of mental health and self-employment is critical. Tell someone you know about us.

2. Become a partner - we love to work alongside people with similar goals, find out how.

3. Become a patron - we are not funded in anyway, so a monthly donation is welcomed.

4. Become a Freelance Friendly Business - if you're an organisation who works with freelancers, join our programme to improve things.

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