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Introduce Leapers to your clients.
We support employers who want to support freelancers.

63% of freelancers don’t know where to find support for their mental health at work - we want to change this.

We're looking for clients who want to help their freelancers to work well. No-one likes a cold-call - so we're asking for your help.

Connect us to your clients, and let us explain how Leapers supports the mental health of the self-employed.

How do I introduce Leapers?

1/ Talk to your clients. Explain how Leapers helps you to be a brilliant freelancer.

2/ If they’re open to finding out more*: send them an email, cc: [email protected] - we'll do the rest.

* make sure you have permission before you share their contact details with us!

We've already supported

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we for clients/employers?

We offer a range of ways to support clients and their freelancers - at the most basic, we introduce the Leapers project, explain the challenges in self-employment, and encourage them to signpost to good quality support resources in their onboarding, or use our own Work Well With Us support portal.

Beyond that, we work with clients to implement the Freelance Friendly policy framework, or provide ongoing advice to engage and support their freelancers.

Who have we already supported?

There's a wide range of organisations which Leapers have already worked with or continue to support, check out some of the logos above.

But this list needs to grow. There are millions of freelancers in the UK, and currently, we're only able to reach a small percentage.

Is there money involved here?

Generally, clients will simply signpost to Leapers at no cost to them.

Some clients who choose to get further involved with our project and ask us to do further work will cover the costs of our time, which in turn goes to support the Leapers project. We want to keep Leapers free for individuals, and financial support from commercial organisations helps us do that.

Why would clients care?

Our research shows that better supported freelancers deliver better work - reducing costs and increasing trust, so there's a business benefit to working well with freelancers.

We find that most clients do care about their freelancers, but don't always have the time, resources or processes to support them well, so we step in to help, and it's entirely IR35 safe.

What if they ask me questions about the Leapers project?

The easiest response is "Speak to Matthew" and give them my email address: [email protected]

Why does this help support Leapers?

We want to ensure that there is adequate support for freelancers 'in place', i.e. rather than encouraging freelancers to join a community or google for help, we want to put good quality resources in the places freelancers are already, such as their accounting software, their business banking, their clients offices and intranets.

Connecting us to your clients helps us put more support in place for you, and your fellow freelancers. This is more valuable to us than financial donations. We have a goal of being inside 100 client organisations by the end of 2023.

What should I say to my client?

You know your clients best, but here's a suggestion of what you might want to email them:

Hey [Client],

I wanted to let you know about a project which has supported me in doing brilliant work with you.

They're called Leapers - and they support the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed.

Whilst I've been working with you, they've been my support network, helped me with questions about working well, and generally been there to have my back.

As you know, most freelancers don't have an HR team or mental health support, so I'm grateful that Leapers offer that for me.

And there's benefits to you too - their research shows that freelancers who are supported to work well are more productive, and more likely to want to continue working with you. Everyone wins!

Matthew, their Chief Freelance Officer is trying support as many freelancers as possible, by connecting with clients who want to support their freelancers wellbeing.

Would you be interested in a quick chat with him to learn more about their work?

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