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Pay your freelancers before Xmas

Be one of the good elves - and pay your freelancers' invoices before the holiday break, so we can all take some well deserved rest this year.

Overdue invoices are a systemic issue of self-employment - over half of all invoices which SMEs raise are paid late, leading to anxiety, stress, and often debt. 

Particularly around the Christmas period, cashflow can be increasingly difficult, so each year, we remind our clients to do the right thing and pay your invoices ahead of the holidays, regardless of the due date.

Our call for action is simple: pay your invoices now. 

Forget the payment terms, ignore the due date, sign them off, get them paid, clear the decks before you deck the halls, and head off on holiday.

And if you're a freelancer who has been paid early for xmas, don't forget to give your #freelancefriendly clients a big shout out for being so lovely and supportive.