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Share your voice in our annual survey

Every year we ask the self-employed: how you doing? A deep dive into the relationship between your work and your mental health - to help us better understand the challenges and hurdles we are facing.

Every year, Leapers asks about the relationship between mental health and self-employment, to understand the challenges and issues those of us who work for ourselves face, and where the gaps in support lie.

Our research has helped Leapers to support over 100,000 people in the past five years, via our peer-support community, curating and creating resources that help, and helping employers to work well with freelancers.

The anonymous data we gather will be shared publicly at the end of 2022, so everyone can play their part in making self-employment more supported and sustainable - and Leapers uses this data to help focus our efforts on the things that matter most.  Every response helps us to help more.

Take part during November at www.leapers.co/research/2022