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Why do we

Work is changing - we have more options than ever before of how we work, where and when we work.

When you step away from the traditional structures of the 9-5, there's a gap in the support you get - no career development, no emotional support, and often no way to build trust with a team.

We're here to try and offer each other that support - to offer a community of people who understand the unique challenges we face, and just be there.

We're mostly an online slack group where non-judgemental conversation takes place, but we're also creating products and tools to help fill the gaps created by the new ways of work.

We also work with organisations who want to better support their people, especially ad-hoc teams and external talent.

Come and say hello.

Am I a

We define a Leaper as anyone who is making an active change to the way they work.

Work shouldn't be a passive journey where you take what is offered, but rather something you aim to actively design.

That might be a small change in how you work during your current role (flexible working, remote working, new job, new team); it might be a huge change in what you do for work (startups, SME owners, self-employed and freelancers) - and everything between.

You might be at the start of your journey and need advice, you might have already made change and want to share advice - or you might be in the middle of your journey, and just need reassurance.

If you see yourself in this definition, or want to help those who do - you're a Leaper.

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the five foundations of freelancing

Designing how you want to work requires thinking about the foundations for being able to work, and doing good work. Not just finding the work.

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How was your start to the year?

Every week we ask #theweeklyquestion - designed to prompt and provoke conversation, and look at topics which you might not have even thought about.

This is #theweeklyquestion for Feb 1, 2019 - but you can scroll back and read all the previous ones in Slack.


Can I back out of this contract?

#askanything is the space where no question is too stupid - it can be the first time for everything, so we share our wisdom and experience between ourselves. It's also the channel which inspires our podcast, to share the challenges our community face.

#brainfood is the inspiration, interesting and just down right useful content that we've found and post, all around topics related to our conversation.

We also post this regularly to our twitter feed, and anyone can post things they've found.


We also regularly share content via our Medium site, which aims to be a repository of conversations which have been written up in some way.

You can join the conversation over there too, if perhaps Slack isn't for you - or subscribe to our upcoming podcast, as another way of exploring the topics and themes we cover.