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Understanding mental health
and self-employment.

Every year, we ask the self-employed community about the relationship between their work and their mental health.

Our 2021 study has just closed, and we're busy compiling the data - we'll be producing a report later this year.

If you'd like to be notified of when our report is published, leave us your email address.

Why take part?

We take your responses and create a published report which highlights the stressors and current mental health of the self-employed population, so that you, we and others can build a more supportive and sustainable future for independent workers

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Four year ago, I wasn't able to find any impartial or meaningful data on how freelancers were feeling, or the relationship between mental health and self-employment.

I ran the first study to understand the challenges we face, and how much of an impact they make - not just the obvious things like "uncertainty" and "isolation", but trying to understand the full human experience of self-employment.

That research and subsequent years' data, not only guides the work we do: by enabling us to understand where the challenges lie and create resources and guides and work to support on those themes; but also helps individuals, organisations, communities and employers do better - by sharing our insights with others publicly, we help people identify where positive improvements can be made to ways of working.

This work has has consistently provided us with a guide on where we should focus our efforts, and allowed to support over 70,000 people on topics such as late payments, imposter syndrome, confidence, burnout, working from home, dealing with client conflict, and many other issues. Our data has been quoted in mainstream press, as well as being used by government, employers, charities and community organisations, to raise awareness and change behaviours.

Matthew Knight
Founder, Leapers

What is Leapers?

Leapers supports the mental health of the self-employed. We're a peer-support community, we create and curate resources that help, and support employers to support their freelancers.

We're four years old, have helped over 70,000 people and are the team for people without a team.

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How we store, process and use your data

Your responses are entirely confidential, individual responses are never shared, and we don't ask for any details which could identify you.

Clicking the link above will take you to an online survey platform "SurveySparrow".

Your data will be stored for six months in raw form on our survey platform SurveySparrow, and then deleted. Read their DPA here.

We process the raw data and produce a report, by anonymising and aggregating data by question, so we can draw insights from the research. This report is publicly shared via our website.

We additionally offer you the chance to leave your email address if you'd like to be updated when the report has been published. This is held in a disconnected system, not linked to the survey results. We will only use your email to communicate with you in relation to the survey. This data is held in a third-party data hosting provider called Airtable, who we have a data processing agreement with. You can see their privacy terms here. We hold your email details for 13 months - so we can notify you of: this report when published, and let you know about next year's survey. This is optional, and you can ask us to delete your email at any time.

The final aggregated and anonymised report data will be published on this website, and shared with other parties in published form. Other parties may choose to use and quote from the report as they see fit, but will never have access to any raw or individual response data, or your email address.

This data is not being made available for purchase, and no commercial agreements have been entered into with regards to access to data or sharing of the report.

This research is being conducted by Foxlark Strategy Limited, who are registered with the ICO (ZA921693). If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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