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Supportive accountability groups
designed to help you find your focus,
powered by Leapers.

Finding it hard to focus?

Struggling to get things done?

Need some help keeping yourself accountable?

Want to find a supportive small group to work together for four weeks?

Join a Pod to find your focus.

How does it work?

A facilitated weekly plan for four weeks:
kicking off the week, coworking and reflection sessions, gentle nudges to help you focus and additional support from the Leapers community at large.

Each week, you'll be part of a small cohort of people supporting each other to focus on getting their work done, sharing your intentions, worries, wins and reflections - and optional coworking sessions

All for just £1/day!*

Designed by Ece, Emma and Matthew, three active members of the Leapers community, rooted in principles which work, we're running the first pod in October, and accepting people on our waitlist from today.

* One-off upfront payment of £30 for four weeks access to facilitated pod, and 6 months access to resources.

Mondays: Share your intentions for the week
45 mins video call
Tuesdays: Little Worries
async in the pod
Wednesdays: Midweek Cowork
90 mins optional video call
Thursdays: Little Wins
async in the pod
Fridays: Reflection and Celebration
45 mins video call

Plus access to a useful resources library, weekly prep and motivation emails, and stay connected to your pod as long as you like!

What our Pod Mates are saying...

"I loved the pod because it's helped me stay on track with my productivity and not postpone tasks to the last minute cause now I have some soft deadlines with the pod."
-- Maria
"It has honestly been so worth it to keep me on track! I've managed to complete nearly all of my tasks on a weekly basis and love that everyone chips in and helps each other out to keep us going."
-- Gina
"One of the most supportive and energising groups I've ever been a part of 💛 (AND my productivity has been amazing, seriously)."
-- Maddie

Join an upcoming Pod

+ To accelerate how you work
+ For a supportive group to help you focus
+ To commit to a daily practise for four weeks

Leave your email address, and we'll send you more details of the upcoming Pod and link to register your place.

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