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A gentle weekly nudge towards working well when working for yourself.

Moment provides a weekly question or provocation via email - to help you reflect upon the things which affect how you work well when you're self-employed.

There are so many factors which can effect our mental health at work - some are obvious, others invisible, some fleeting, some sustained.

Based upon over three years of award winning work, insights and research from Leapers, Moment helps you reflect upon a wide range of aspects of self-employment, and help you start to make working well a critical part of your business plan.

It only takes a Moment to read, it creates a Moment to reflect, and offers a Moment to invest in your own wellbeing.

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Nice things people have said about Moment

Do you subscribe to Moment., by @LeapersCo? It's just about the favourite thing that lands in my inbox 🥰 https://t.co/XvHcmhfgQ0

— Emma Read 💙 (@emmareadva) May 20, 2021
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