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conversations on mental health and self-employment - a podcast from Leapers.

Each week, we'll be chatting with a member of the community, asking the simple question: "how are you?", and exploring the answer. We'll be chatting about the freelance experience, mental health in modern work, and the challenges, highs and lows of modern work.

We won't have any guests you'll have heard of, we won't be hearing stories of success from entrepreneurs, and learn how you can 'crush it' - just honest and open conversations with those who are working differently.


Latest Episode

Sam Judge

This week, I’m talking to Sam Judge, an independent Design Director who has recently published the Disquiet: Hidden Depths of Man, a magazine discussing modern masculinity, and has struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We spoke how the terms like OCD and depression get thrown around inaccurately, his reasons for becoming self-employed, and the challenges that employers might face when wanting to look after their freelancers.

Episode 6 - Judit Saez

Episode 5 - Jess Sims & Laura West - The Doers

Episode 4 - Adrian Cockle

Episode 3 - Liam O'Neill

Episode 2 - Rachelle Denton

Episode 1 - Matt Desmier

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