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Over 40% of businesses work with freelancers, but relationships are not as effective as they could be.

We work with businesses who hire, support and serve the self-employed community.

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For those businesses which are doing great things already, we’ll be celebrating and sharing best practise, so we can all learn from each other.

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+ Guidance for businesses, rooted in our research and insight from thousands of freelancers.

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+ Join a community of like-minded supportive businesses who want to create a more sustainable and supportive future of work.

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There’s lots of ways we support organisations work better together with freelancers.

We can help you understand how effective your experience is today, we can help you engage with your talent and build more supportive working habits around them. We can work with you to build a community of talent and people you can call upon - and for the organisations who are already doing it brilliantly - we share what you’re doing right, so others can benefit.

Talk to us about:

+ Relationship and Effectiveness Auditing
+ Onboarding and Offboarding
+ Network and Talent Community Engagement
+ Internal training and coaching
+ Talent Survey and Process Design
+ Mental Health Tools and Resources
+ Communication of Support for your freelancers
+ and more!

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We happily work with those who provide services and support to the self-employed if they share our values, or if they're looking to build better experiences for modern workers.

We have a range of ways we can help, from free content to custom and bespoke partnerships creating unique experiences for your audience.

We can also help you access our insight and community, but keep strict controls on how we enable that, to protect the safe space we've built.

If you're keen to support your community, access our community or build a partnership - let's discuss what's right for you

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