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Working for yourself can be challenging.
So we’ve written a little guide
to help you take care of you.


Inspired by conversations with the Leapers community, and our research into over 500 freelancers about what affects their mental health, we’ve published our first guide to looking after your emotional wellbeing when self-employed.

45% of freelancers say they hadn’t considered their mental health before taking the leap into self-employment, and over 60% say that poor mental health has had a negative impact on their ability to work.

If you’re self-employed, you’ve taken on responsibility for not only doing the work, but also the accounts, the invoicing, the marketing, the sales, the admin, making the tea and buying the biscuits - and it’s often easy to forget to add your own wellbeing to the to-do list.

Download the free ebook for recommendations on how to work well, and take time to invest in your own mental health when working for yourself.


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