huru. research project 2019.

What are we doing?

As part of the Leapers project, we are finding ways to better support the mental health of independent workers.

We are working with both individuals who are taking responsibility for their own wellbeing as well as a number of pioneering organisations who want to do more to support their freelancers, but need insights from the freelancer community to understand what pressures they face and what support they need.

We are running a comprehensive research study, the UK's first detailed look at the emotional wellbeing of freelance and self-employed talent. There is no shortage of data on mental health, but very little on the specific intersection of freelancers and mental health. The only recent studies we’ve found are: one from Epson (2018) to promote their printers, and one from Aldermoore (2018) used to promote their mortgages, but neither organisation is planning on using it beyond the PR campaigns they were built for.

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The aim of the study is to:

_ Understand freelancers understanding of and attitude towards their own mental health
_ Quantify how significantly mental health is valued within the freelance community
_ Understand if mental health is being invested in by individuals
_ Identify the areas which the community feel they are lacking or need support

From this, we believe we will be able to better create interventions to support our community, and that organisations will be better placed to design how they work with independent talent.

How will we use this data?

1. We plan on sharing a portion of the aggregated data (non individual data points, grouped together into summaries) openly with anyone who'd like to refer to the research, via this site.

2. We will summarise and publicise key findings and summaries of the data via our social channels, and in press releases shared with the media. Others may also use the aggregated data to make their own summaries.

3. We will use key observations in content we create, such as social media, content, articles, etc

4. We will work with organisations to help raise awareness of the challenges facing participants of the survey, using this data, and then hope to create interventions, tools, techniques and tips for anyone who wants to better support independent workers and organisations working with freelance or self-employed talent.

5. We may also share aggregated data with partner organisations, who additionally want to build upon this data.

6. At no time will any of your individual data (i.e. content from your specific entry) will be shared with anyone, and individual level data will not be retained by us for any longer than 12 months.

Who is running this research and holding your data?

The research project is being managed by Foxlark Strategy Limited, a registered company in England and Wales, at global house, london n12 8np. Leapers is a not for profit community organisation, created and managed by Foxlark. If you have any questions about this research project, how your data is being used or held, please contact [email protected] Whilst you have the right to see any data held on you and request its removal under law - as we are not holding any data which identifies you as an individual, we do not know which data is yours and cannot adequately respond to a request of your individual data. If you are not happy with this, please do not provide any information.

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