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Are you Freelance Friendly?

Leapers supports organisations who want to work well with freelancers - to do great work together in a supportive and sustainable way.

We offer a range of services - from signposting and community support, to audits and bespoke consultancy, all based upon years of award winning insight into what the self-employed community need to do their best, and what organisations need from those freelancers.

Articles and Featured Businesses

We regularly post on how to build a more Freelance Friendly business - working well together with freelancers, for the benefit of your business: more creative, more productive and more effective work with your freelancers; and for the benefit of the workforce, creating a more sustainable diverse talent market.

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63% of freelancers don't know where to find support for their mental health at work. Reduce that number to zero by adding WorkWellWith.us to your onboarding and support for your freelancers.

A simple portal which signposts useful resources and regularly updated content on mental health for the self-employed. Personalise the branding to match your own business, and let us take care of keeping your cohort supported.

From £49/month

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good job

A different way of finding and supporting freelancers - pay to advertise a role and your successful freelancer gets a bursary to spend on wellbeing, no matter how you found them.

Reach our network of freelancers and beyond, or bolt on to your existing recruitment channels

From £99/posting

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Uncover how you can work well together with your freelancers - a rapid review and audit of your existing onboarding, engagement and support processes, to identify any gaps in how you get the very best from your teams, whilst supporting them to do great work.

From £999

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Bespoke Support & Consultancy

Work directly with our Chief Freelance Officer Matthew Knight, to develop a more sustainable and supportive way of working with talent.

We've helped businesses to build teams fit for purpose, or develop new ways of working, combining employed, external and short-term cohorts, as well as processes, cultural design projects, workshops, or just simple talks to support your internal and external talent on the themes of modern work, mental health and self-employment.

Whatever you might be looking for, we're sure we can help.

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