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Working alone?
You're not alone.

Leapers is the team for people without a team - we're a community dedicated to supporting the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed, and we're here to help.

YunoJuno has pointed you to this page because they want to make sure you feel supported too - browse below for some of our most popular guides, resources, or join the community to be part of a group of people who work like you.

How are you doing today?

Let's get you the support you need.

If you feel at risk or in danger:
Call 999 or visit A&E.
You are not wasting anyone's time.

If you need someone to speak to:
Call Samaritans on 116 123
for free and in confidence.

Find a several support options via Mind:
Visit the Mind website

Speak to your GP, who will be able to suggest a range of ways to help.

Here are some things that could help

Try taking a step back.
If you're able to, take 15 minutes away from your computer, perhaps take a walk, or just give yourself some time to breathe.

Write down what's troubling you.
You might not have to deal with it right now. This can also help you get some perspective, and see if its something you're feeling in the moment, or an ongoing challenge.

Talk it out.
Give someone in your support network a call, and share what's happening. If you don't have someone you can talk to, jump on to the Leapers slack - there's usually someone who around to listen.

Browse our resources.
If you have an idea of what's on your mind - browse our list of resources specially designed for the self-employed.

Here are some things to make it even better.

Celebrate the Little Wins.
Write down or share the things you've acheived today - even small things count. You might be doing even more than you realised!

Check-in with others.
On the average days, it's being connected with others that can turn it into a great day - checkin with your network, even if its just saying good morning.

Keep those boundaries in place.
Make sure you're taking breaks during the day, and putting down the computer at the end of the day. Don't push yourself too hard, so today continues to be okay.

Be kind to yourself.
If today is 'just okay', consider whether you're being hard on yourself - perhaps, today is just as good as it needs to be. Not every day needs to be your best.

Hurrah! Let's celebrate that!

Celebrate the Little Wins.
Write down or share the things you've acheived today - even small things count. Post them in Leapers #littlewins to get some recognition too!

Write down what's going well.
What is it that's working really well for you right now? Reflect on the past couple of weeks, and observe the things in place when you're feeling great.

Invest in you.
When things are going well - this is exactly the time you can put things in place to support yourself on those days where things aren't. Invest in personal development, building your support network, or just take some time to rest.

Support others.
Keep up to date with your support network - see how others are doing, and share the positive experiences with those who might be struggling.

Popular Resources

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The popular guide includes a range of ideas and techniques to help you take care of your own wellbeing when you’re self-employed.

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Need someone to talk to?

Sometimes it can help to have an independent professional who is trained in listening.

Free, confidential, 24/7, Samaritans offer a range of ways to listen to what you're going through.
Speak to someone

Our friends at It's Complicated can help you find an affordable counsellor, for an online call or face to face.
Find a therapist

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Being part of active communities is a critical part of working well - below are some of the communities you might find useful, offering support and advice from fellow freelancers or people within your industry.

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