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things aren't always ok
and that's ok.

why is there a spilled
cup of coffee on the website?

Because it happens.

You’re going to have bad days
and good days.

We don’t want anyone to have to pretend everything is OK, if they’re not.

Leapers is a place where you can say things aren’t going OK and can ask anything without fear of being judged.

Hustle culture is down right bad.
The narrative that freelance means freedom isn’t 100% honest.

It’s hard. Sometimes, it’s really hard.

You shouldn’t have to put a brave face on things, and pretend its OK, if it isn’t.

You’ll have lots of great days where we’ll celebrate along with you; and when you’re not having such a great day - we’ll be here too.

To ask “how are you doing?”.
To ask if you’d like a cuppa.
To be team mates for those without a team.
To just, be there for each other.

That’s why there’s a spilled cup of coffee on our site.

Because there’s no ‘i’ve got this 100% nailed’.

We all spill our drink from time to time,
and thats OK.

Leapers is a project from thinkplaymake.
We use and love
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