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On modern work, freelancing and mental health.

Whenever possible, we wrap up the conversations from our community in to useful articles and guides. Here are some of our thoughts.

September 21st 2023 / Topic: Parenting
Planning ahead for parental leave when self-employed.

If you're a freelancer, and thinking about planning a family - it might throw up a huge number of questions about whether it's even possible. We spoke to Susannah Dale of the Maternity Pledge to share some of her insights into planning for parental leave when self-employed. Read.

August 8th 2023 / Foundation: Financial Resilience
Do freelancers need professional indemnity insurance?

An introduction to what professional indemnity insurance is, and why its so important for freelancers. Read.

August 3rd 2023 / Topic: Rest and Boundaries
Feeling ill? How to deal with sick days as a freelancer

Without traditional paid sick leave, dealing with illness requires some extra effort - our top tips for getting better at being ill when freelancing. Read.

July 24th 2023 /
Sector Specific: Finding freelance work within Digital Marketing

A list of resources for freelancers working in digital marketing. Read.

July 11th 2023 / Topic: Parenting
Freelancing Parents and Summer - how to cope!

Are you looking forward to summer with your kids - or does it fill you with dread, if you're juggling work and parenting? We spoke to Frankie Tortora of Doing It For The Kids for her advice on coping with the school holidays. Read.

June 30th 2023 / Community updates and news
Theatre freelancers "undervalued, underpaid and under-appreciated"

The Freelancers Make Theatre Work 2023 survey of self-employed industry professionals paints a stark picture for much of its freelance talent. Read.

June 29th 2023 / Guides and Support
Taking a summer break when you're a freelancer.

Taking a holiday can seem like a luxury, but here are our tips to taking time off when self-employed. Read.

June 27th 2023 / Freelance Friendly
From Freelance to Fluid Workforces

We believe that fluid workforces are the future - but starting by engaging with freelancers effectively is the first step towards enabling mobility internally. Read.

June 19th 2023 / Freelance Friendly
Client Connection

Connect us to a client who wants to be Freelance Friendly. Read.

June 18th 2023 / Community updates and news
Freelancers with Impact: Britney Beeby & Harriet Stockwell

As a duo finalist in the YunoJuno Freelancer Impact Freelancers of the Year category - we spoke to Britney Beeby & Harriet Stockwell to hear about the work they're doing both as freelancers and supporting fellow freelancers. Read.

June 17th 2023 / Community updates and news
Freelancers with Impact: Matthew Knight

As one of the YunoJuno Freelancer Impact Freelancers of the Year finalists - we spoke to Matthew Knight to hear about the work he's doing as a freelancer, and supporting fellow freelancers. Read.

June 16th 2023 / Community updates and news
Freelancers with Impact: Nick Kyriakides

As one of the YunoJuno Freelancer Impact Freelancers of the Year finalists - we spoke to Nick Kyriakides to hear about the work he's doing as a freelancer, and supporting fellow freelancers. Read.

June 15th 2023 / Community updates and news
Freelancers with Impact: Zara Janjua

As one of the YunoJuno Freelancer Impact Freelancers of the Year finalists - we spoke to Zara Janjua to hear about the work she's doing as a freelancer, and supporting fellow freelancers. Read.

June 14th 2023 / Community updates and news
Freelancers with Impact: Adam Faulkner

As one of the YunoJuno Freelancer Impact Freelancers of the Year finalists - we spoke to Adam Faulkner to hear about the work he's doing as a freelancer, and supporting fellow freelancers. Read.

June 12th 2023 / Topic: Motivation, Energy and Focus
It's quiet out there - a recruiters view

We spoke to Lisa and Rob, two industry recruiters who focus on freelancers, to get their view on the current quiet period, and their hopes for the rest of the year. Read.

June 6th 2023 / Topic: Motivation, Energy and Focus
Down Time - dealing with extended periods of less work

Freelancing is rarely consistent in terms of workload, but when you have extended periods of time where there is less work flowing your way, what can you do about it? Read.

May 30th 2023 / Series: Press Releases
Vote for us in the YunoJuno Awards

We're nominated this year for the YunoJuno Freelancer Awards. Read.

May 23rd 2023 / Series: Tangible Techniques
Work Well With Leapers

Find out more about our new support product, coming soon. Read.

May 18th 2023 / Freelance Friendly
How to support your freelancers during Mental Health Awareness Week

It's mental health awareness week - which is a time for all of us to reflect upon how we can better support all of the people we work with, not just our employees. Read.

May 2nd 2023 / Topic: Legal Rights
Guide to Contracts

An introduction to why contracts really matter, how they protect you, and resources for creating one. Read.

March 16th 2023 / Topic: Money and Tax
Spring Budget 2023 - what does it mean for the self-employed?

The Spring Budget was announced on March 15, 2023 - we unpack the key announcements and what they mean for the self-employed. Read.

January 10th 2023 / Series: Tangible Techniques
Done the work? Get it accepted

Just because you've delivered the work doesn't always mean the project is over. Freelance Project Director Charlotte Kelly shares her advice on having your work accepted by the client. Read.

January 9th 2023 / Section: Research
Leapers Annual Report on Mental Health and Freelancing in 2022

Our annual study into the mental health of the self-employed during 2022 has been published. How are we doing, and what more can be done to support each other? Read.

January 7th 2023 / Matthew's View
Once you go freelance, can you ever go back?

Having control over your work is about being able decide how you work, even if that means being in employment. Read.

January 2nd 2023 / Series: Tangible Techniques
Back to work in January

Here is our guide to getting back into the swing of work during the dark January days. Read.

December 16th 2022 /
Taking a festive break for freelancers

Our tips on how to wind down for the holidays, when you're self-employed. Read.

November 29th 2022 / Freelance Friendly
Mash are Freelance Friendly

In our series talking to Freelance Friendly businesses, we spoke to Tash Menon of Mash, a freelance first global creative company delivering big work for brands. Read.

November 22nd 2022 / Series: Mythbusting
Mythbusting: Freelancing means working fewer hours

In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different? Read.

November 14th 2022 / Freelance Friendly
In Conversation with: Danielle Wallington

Chatting to Danielle Wallington about her community building, supporting female founders, and her own support network as a self-employed parent. Read.

November 1st 2022 /
Share your voice in our annual survey

Every year we ask the self-employed: how you doing? A deep dive into the relationship between your work and your mental health - to help us better understand the challenges and hurdles we are facing. Read.

October 11th 2022 / Series: Mythbusting
Myth 4: You only work on projects you're passionate about

In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different? Read.

October 10th 2022 / Guides and Support
Freelancers and World Mental Health Day 2022

It's World Mental Health Day, but if you're seeing all of the posts and articles about support, and feeling like its not relevant to you - Leapers is here to help! Read.

September 25th 2022 / Topic: Money and Tax
The 2022 Mini-Budget and Freelancers

We look at the key statements in September's mini-budget and highlight those which most likely have an impact on the self-employed, freelancers and small business owners. Read.

September 24th 2022 / Topic: IR35
What the IR35 rollback means for businesses who hire freelancers.

Whilst the liability might have rolled-back, the responsibility and opportunity to work more effectively with freelancers still exists for clients. Read.

September 21st 2022 / Topic: Working Environment
(co)work from home

Might our homes become the new coworking space? Read.

August 29th 2022 / Guides and Support
Seven ways to get back into the swing of work for September

Bad news everyone - holidays are over, it's time to get back to work, but firing up the engines after some well deserved time off can be hard. Here are some tips on how to relight the fire and find some focus. Read.

August 5th 2022 / Series: Mythbusting
Mythbusting: You don't have to deal with having a boss or office politics.

In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different? Read.

August 1st 2022 / Series: Mythbusting
Mythbusting: When freelancing, you make more money and pay less tax.

In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different? Read.

July 28th 2022 / Series: Mythbusting
Mythbusting: When freelancing, you're more in control over your work.

In this series of articles, we look at some of the common myths around freelancing - the good, the bad and downright ugly, and ask - are they true, or is the reality different? Read.

July 22nd 2022 / Topic: Rest and Boundaries
Ration your work during holidays

We can't always switch off from work entirely. Use this technique to create short bursts of focused time for work, so you can get back to resting during the longer holiday weeks. Read.

July 12th 2022 / Freelance Friendly
The Great Resignation isn’t just away from employment.

Why we need to get serious about investing in and supporting freelancers. Read.

June 28th 2022 / Series: Tangible Techniques
Taking time to reflect on your week.

Active Awareness of how you're feeling at work and what's influencing that is a core principle of building a more supported and sustainable freelancing practise. We look at why all you need to get started with is 15 minutes of time. Read.

June 23rd 2022 / Guides and Support
Virtual Coworking for Freelancers

Connect and cowork with others from the comfort of your home! Read.

May 20th 2022 / Series: Tangible Techniques
Struggling to focus? Find what works for you

Don't fall for articles suggesting "THIS ONE THING ALWAYS WORKS" or the "MUST DO TECHNIQUE USED BY ALL CEOS"... Finding things that work for you takes a bit of exploration and support. Read.

May 12th 2022 / Guides and Support
Freelance Friendly Network

Our growing list of communities who welcome and support freelancers - and could help you to feel less isolated. Read.

May 11th 2022 / Guides and Support
Guide to: finding your community as a freelancer

Belonging to a community where you can listen and learn from others who are on similar journeys is a powerful part of your support network. Read.

May 9th 2022 / Freelance Friendly
How Gravity Road supports its freelancers.

We spoke to award winning digital innovation agency Gravity Road about how and why they believe supporting freelancers really matters. Read.

May 8th 2022 / Guides and Support
Dealing with Loneliness when Freelancing

For Mental Health Awareness Week - our newest guide tackles an issue that over 70% of freelancers face - feelings of isolation, disconnection and loneliness. Read.

May 5th 2022 / Freelance Friendly
This Mental Health Awareness Week, don’t forget your freelancers

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Matthew Knight, founder of the freelancer support community Leapers, explains why we should all be doing more to support the mental health of our independent workers. Read.

April 26th 2022 / Guides and Support
Technique: Writing a Holiday Policy

Take a strategic approach to time off by writing yourself a holiday policy, a useful document outlining your minimums time off, frequency of time off, and boundaries for protecting your time off. Read.

April 20th 2022 / Freelance Friendly
Signposting your freelancers to support

Whilst all clients and employers could do more to support their freelancers, often even the very least is missing - so Leapers is here to help. Read.

March 2nd 2022 / Series: Tangible Techniques
Little Wins - a simple but powerful tool for motivation

Remembering to capture and share the little wins, the small steps not just the big milestones, is an important part of building up resilience, maintaining motivation and being more aware of the continual progress we make as independent workers. Read.

February 22nd 2022 / Section: Research
Our Annual Report on Mental Health and Self-Employment

Every year, we ask the self-employed community about the relationship between their work and their mental health. Our report into how we felt in 2021 has been published. Read.

December 30th 2021 / Community updates and news
Mission Statement for 2022

Every year, our Chief Freelance Officer Matthew Knight writes with his aims for the project, and how you can help. Read.

December 29th 2021 / For: New Freelancers
Ten questions to ask before you take the leap into freelancing

January is a time of year where many decide to leave work and pursue their own business. We've listed ten questions you'll find useful to explore the answer to before starting day one. Read.

December 15th 2021 / Guides and Support
What's your end of year report?

Taking some time to reflect upon your year is an important tool to see your successes, and build plans for the future. Read.

December 7th 2021 / Topic: Money and Tax
Merry Giftmas

Did you know there are a couple of tax exemptions you can make use of around the holiday period? Our friends at Maslins pointed us to some xmas treats. Read.

December 3rd 2021 / Community updates and news
Pay your freelancers before Xmas

Be one of the good elves - and pay your freelancers' invoices before the holiday break, so we can all take some well deserved rest this year. Read.

December 1st 2021 / Series: Tangible Techniques
It's the Leapers Advent 2021!

It's the time of year when our Advent Calendar opens its doors with exercises and advice to help you reflect upon 2021. Read.

November 17th 2021 / Guides and Support
Getting ready for winter when freelancing

Our tips for preparing for the holiday season when you're self-employed. Read.

November 1st 2021 / Coffee Club
Coffee Club: Yenni Esperanza from GWGC

A surprisingly different coffee this month from Girls Who Grind Coffee Read.

October 10th 2021 / Section: Research
Take part in the Leapers Annual Study

For the third year, we need your input again - and the survey is now open for anyone in self-employment. Take part to share your experiences. Read.

October 6th 2021 / Series: Tangible Techniques
lofi beats and the power of music when freelancing

We look at the power of music for when you're working solo, and want to stay on task. Read.

October 3rd 2021 / Guides and Support
Do you have a cook's or chef's mindset?

Having more control over your work is the main reason for going freelance, so don't relinquish that control to your clients. Read.

September 19th 2021 / Community updates and news
Happy 4th Anniversary Leapers

We're four years old today. Read.

September 16th 2021 / Guides and Support
To-Done Lists

Using to-do lists to also capture things you've done helps you understand how much you're doing each week, and manage your energy and workload more effectively. Read.

September 15th 2021 / Guides and Support
Focus on the macro not the micro - to see how you're doing

Focusing on the extreme good and bad days means we often miss the okay day - and if they're the majority of days, that's a great place to be! Read.

September 7th 2021 / Community updates and news
Tax hikes set to affect self-employed from April 2022

The UK Government has announced changes in National Insurance contributions to fund social care costs. Read.

September 1st 2021 / Coffee Club
Coffee Club: September 2021 - The Good Coffee Cartel

This month's coffee comes from Glasgow roastery The Good Coffee Cartel. Buy a bag of beans and support a fellow indy business. Read.

August 29th 2021 / Brainfood
#brainfood - Digest for August 2021

What have our members been reading this month? The digest of content posted in #brainfood during August is now live. Read.

August 22nd 2021 / Products and Services
Article: Have you written a Manual of Me?

Using a simple document to explain your working preferences can help you get onboard with a new project team quickly and effectively. Read.

August 14th 2021 / Topic: Working Environment
In Conversation With: Brooke Hurford at Workfrom

We spoke to the co-founder and COO of Workfrom on why people need more than a desk and wifi for an effective workspace, and where the future of work might be. Read.

August 11th 2021 / Guides and Support
The "Put it Away" Box

A tangible technique for closing down your working day, and giving yourself permission to step away from things. Read.

August 1st 2021 / Coffee Club
Coffee Club: August 2021 - Hard Lines

This month's Coffee Club features Hard Lines - a roaster and cafe in Wales. Read.

July 31st 2021 / Guides and Support
NWFH - options other than working from home

Let's explore the many options you have available now as a modern worker for spaces and places to work. Read.

July 27th 2021 / Guides and Support
Mental Health and Freelance Journalism

Our signposting and resources guide for anyone working in journalism. Read.

July 17th 2021 / Community updates and news
Coming home?

It's not coming home, and celebrating the journey is just as important, but sometimes, not winning at the final stage can be more upsetting than not getting even close. Read.

July 13th 2021 / Members Profiles
Member Profile: Vlad Chichisan - UI/UX Designer

This month, we spoke to Vlad Chichisan, a brand new member of the community, and UI/UX Designer. Read.

July 7th 2021 / Guides and Support
Support for dealing with sexual harassment at work when self-employed

No matter your employment contract, you have the right to work without harassment, abuse and discrimination. Read.

July 6th 2021 / Freelance Friendly
What does it take to onboard a freelancer well?

A great onboarding can be the difference between good and great work. Make sure you're getting off to a good start when working with freelancers. Read.

July 1st 2021 / Coffee Club
Coffee Club July 2021: Las Peñas from Blossom

This month's roast comes from Manchester roastery Blossom, and we asked them what it was like to start a new business in the middle of the pandemic. Read.

June 30th 2021 / Freelance Friendly
Communicating your Culture

Organisational culture has been shaken up - and now is a good time to review and re-articulate your culture, whilst remembering it's not only your employees who experience it. Read.

June 29th 2021 /
Introducing: good job.

A new concept from Leapers - paying freelancers to do a good job. Read.

June 22nd 2021 / Community updates and news

This month's note from Matthew, our Chief Freelance Officer. Read.

June 11th 2021 / Topic: Money and Tax
HMRC want your view on changes in tax for the self-employed.

The government have launched the Timely Payment of Tax call for evidence to start a conversation about the benefits and challenges of paying tax more frequently. We asked them why. Read.

June 1st 2021 / Coffee Club
Coffee Club - June 2021: Banka Washed from Old Spike

Our first edition of Coffee Club profiles Old Spike - an independent business supporting those dealing with homelessness. Read.

May 25th 2021 / Members Profiles
Members Profile: Carly Ferguson

Let's meet Carly Ferguson - one of our active community members, and Leadership and Business coach. Read.

May 16th 2021 / Guides and Support
Guide to: Sleep and Self-Employment

Poorer sleep is affecting many of us during the pandemic - let's explore why and what you can do to improve your sleep. Read.

April 16th 2021 / Members Profiles
Member Profile: Aaron Parker

Let's meet Aaron Parker - community host, active member of Leapers, and DevOps consultant Read.

April 8th 2021 / Community updates and news
Entrepreneurship + Parenting + Neurodivergence - in conversation with Rachelle Denton.

Rachelle Denton talks to Ann Storr about her experience of parenting, freelancing and navigating neurodivergence as part of Autism Awareness month. Read.

March 22nd 2021 / Series: Late Payments
Dealing with late payments - freelance designer Sophie Riano's experience of chasing an invoice

When your payment is late, how does it feel to chase it up? We asked freelancer Sophie Riano to share her experiences. Read.

March 11th 2021 / Guides and Support
Technique: Where do you feel in control?

Being more aware of where and when you feel in control can give you insight into building a wellness plan for your work. Read.

March 4th 2021 / Brainfood
A handful of suggestions for freelancers on World Book Day

A selection of books recommended by the community for anyone on their self-employment journey. Read.

March 1st 2021 / Healthy Habits
This one simple trick to improve your mental health will amaze you! (Hint: drink more water).

Drinking adequate water during the day can help with focus, memory and positive mental health. Read.

February 26th 2021 / Products and Services
Take a moment to focus on your own mental health at work when freelancing.

Introducing Moment - our weekly gentle nudge towards working well for the self-employed. Read.

February 22nd 2021 / Guides and Support
The Leapers Little Guide to Late Payments

Our latest "Little Guide" helps you tackle the challenges of overdue invoices. Read.

February 16th 2021 / Guides and Support
Re-designing remote work after 12 months of lockdown.

No matter how long it might take before the restrictions are eased, we are unlikely to return to how we worked before, so we need to take time to actively look at how we're working now, and make sure it's working for us. Read.

February 7th 2021 / Community updates and news
Is it yesterday again?

To not feel sad, scared, overwhelmed or worried would be to deny useful emotions which help us navigate challening times. Read.

February 5th 2021 / Freelance Friendly
Why late payments are a mental health issue

Why tackling late payments is an issue that improves everyone's health - financially and mentally. Read.

January 31st 2021 / Series: Parenting and COVID
Parenting and Freelancing during COVID

COVID is challenging enough for the self-employed, but those of us who are also parents are facing a unique set of challenges. We've been collecting a range of resources and articles to support self-employed parents during lockdown. Read.

January 25th 2021 / Community updates and news
64% of freelancers don't know where to turn - Leapers publishes new data on mental health and self-employment

New research from Leapers shows the challenges which the self-employed and freelancers face. Read.

January 22nd 2021 / Series: Parenting and COVID
Experiences of a freelance parent - Rhiannon James

We spoke to freelance parent Rhiannon James about her experience of juggling parenting and self-employment during covid. Read.

January 18th 2021 / Guides and Support
Blue Monday? Make mental health a priority every day.

Making a priority of your mental health at work when self-employed is a task for every day, not just once a year or if you're feeling low. Read.

January 15th 2021 / Series: Parenting and COVID
Experiences of a Freelance Parent - Ann Storr

We asked Ann Storr, a brand storyteller, to share her experiences of juggling parenting and self-employed work. Read.

January 13th 2021 / Series: Parenting and COVID
Experiences of a Freelance Parent - Ross Wintle

As we go into the second week of homeschooling for the UK, we asked Ross Wintle, one of our active members, to share his experiences of juggling freelancing and teaching. Read.

January 11th 2021 / Series: Parenting and COVID
The Freelance Parent: Cat Hufton on tackling homeschooling and lockdown.

"As a freelancer and parent to a very energetic two year old, I’m pretty well-versed in the juggle of work and childcare, but I’ll admit that news of another lockdown was hard to bear. " explains The Freelance Parent Cat Hufton. Read.

January 8th 2021 / Guides and Support
Dealing with / Dealing with parental guilt during COVID

Juggling homeschooling and self-employment during the lockdown comes with emotional challenges on top of practical ones. Read.

January 4th 2021 / Series: Parenting and COVID
Coping with homeschooling (again)

Our practical suggestions for coping with homeschooling when self-employed Read.

January 1st 2021 / Community updates and news
Why January 1st is a great time to look backward too.

Reflecting and revising plans for how to move ahead is something we should be doing constantly not just on January 1st Read.

December 22nd 2020 / Community updates and news
Leapers community founder awarded Freelancer of the Year for work on mental health.

Matthew Knight awarded Freelancer of the Year for Leapers' work supporting the mental health of the self-employed. Read.

December 12th 2020 / Community updates and news
Calling on all businesses to ensure their freelancers are #paidtoday

We're calling for all businesses to pay their freelancers on time ahead of the Xmas holidays. Read.

December 11th 2020 / Guides and Support
Ten Non-Excuses for Late Payments

Because someone isn't around during the holidays to process an invoice isn’t an acceptable excuse for payments being made late. Read.

December 4th 2020 / Guides and Support
How to take a festive break as a freelancer

Taking time off as a freelance can be challenging - here are our tips on how to break up for the holidays. Read.

December 2nd 2020 / Community updates and news
Our Christmas Advent calendar is back.

Our Leapers Advent calendar helps you reflect upon the year - and what a year it has been. Read.

November 22nd 2020 / Topic: COVID
Guidance for the Self-employed during COVID

The final section of our updated Work Well during Lockdown guide focuses specifically on freelancing and self-employment. Read.

November 20th 2020 / Topic: COVID
Time to reset the numbers on your fuel-tank.

It's time to accept that for a while, we’re all going to be running slower and shorter, rather than dipping into that reserve tank. Read.

November 16th 2020 / Guides and Support
Fed up of doing work you don't want to do?

What value does each project you work on offer you beyond money? Read.

November 14th 2020 / Guides and Support
Do you celebrate the day you first went independent?

Celebrating your Leaperversary - the day you went independent - is a great way to reflect on your business successes. Read.

November 6th 2020 / Community updates and news
Our spoons are getting smaller.

Leapers Founder Matthew Knight shares his experience of depleted energy and why mental health cannot be an afterthought, but a life-long investment in ourselves. Read.

November 4th 2020 / Guides and Support
Working well during lingering lockdowns.

What are our recommendations for making sure you are looking after your wellbeing whilst working from home? Read.

November 2nd 2020 / Guides and Support
Looking after yourself in lockdown - don't forget the basics

Don't forget the absolute basics of working well from home during lockdown, as we enter a new phase of restrictions. Read.

November 1st 2020 / Guides and Support
Coronavirus - Key things to consider

Regularly updated article with advice, recommendations and support for the self-employed whilst under covid-19 restrictions. Read.

October 27th 2020 / Series: Late Payments
Eight reasons not to chase an overdue invoice.

We give ourselves excuses to avoid dealing with conflict, but we must tackle late payments head-on, and not accept responsibility for the bad behaviours of others. Read.

October 19th 2020 / Guides and Support
Dealing with meeting overload during covid

The pandemic has led to an explosion of over-communication and meeting-overload for many. How do we rethink about how meetings play an important role in our work, whilst also protecting our own energy levels during the day? Read.

October 12th 2020 / Foundations
Why mental health at work matters even more when you're freelancing

Now you’re working for yourself, is mental health at work still relevant, or is it just something big corporates do? Here are five reasons why mental health at work matters even more now you’re self-employed. Read.

October 8th 2020 / Freelance Friendly
Good mental health for all includes your freelancers

If you believe the future of work is more agile, dynamic, diverse and open to all, and than mental health at work is important to the success of your business - then make sure you include all of your team, regardless of employment contract. Read.

October 2nd 2020 / Guides and Support
Covinter is coming - preparing for a second lockdown and looking after your mental health.

Six months of long, ongoing, persistent stress, even if its low level, even if you’re fit and well, is not healthy for anyone. Now is time to reflect again on how you are you working well from home, and make sure you’re keeping things in place to continue to look after your wellbeing. Read.

September 26th 2020 / Guides and Support
How keeping an Energy Diary could help you to redesign your day.

Keeping track of your energy, motivation and focus helps you to better understand your own patterns - and highlight any opportunities to redesign your working habits. Read.

September 23rd 2020 / Community updates and news
Lockdown 2.0

As we approach a second lockdown - how is this time around different to before, and what will Leapers be doing to support you as our community members? Read.

September 20th 2020 / Section: Research
The emotional journey of the self-employed.

Mapping the common emotional experience helps us to identify when and where we can collectively support the mental health of the self-employed. Read.

September 12th 2020 / Freelance Friendly
Warning: instructions not clear.

Finding a line between management, autonomy and hoping for the best - supporting freelancers takes more than a clear brief. Read.

July 24th 2020 / Freelance Friendly
Are freelancers more or less likely to return to clients' offices, post-covid?

Are freelancers more likely to push back on heading on-site if clients ask? Or our members excited to get some proper face time with their team now? Read.

June 26th 2020 / Community updates and news
Small business owners who bank with Anna and Revolut might be frozen out of accounts.

A number of ‘e-account’ banking accounts and pre-pay platforms will be subject to activities being frozen by the FCA over payment provider “Wirecard” which powers apps including Anna and Revolut. Read.

June 25th 2020 / Series: Tackling Lethargy
Tackling lockdown lethargy by doing the things we love doing

Remember to balance things you have to do with things you want to do - and schedule is those enjoyable activities, as part of your plan for tackling lethargy. Read.

June 16th 2020 / Guides and Support
Distraction free working with Do Not Disturb mode

Get a handle on those little notifications which interrupt your focus and flow. Read.

June 12th 2020 / Series: Tackling Lethargy
Tackling lockdown lethargy: dealing with lack of motivation

Putting things off rarely helps us get things done - so use this technique to prioritise things you're less motivated to do. Read.

June 1st 2020 / Series: Tackling Lethargy
Tackling lockdown lethargy with routine.

Adding a little light structure to your day can help tackle decision fatigue and lockdown lethargy. Read.

May 26th 2020 / Series: Tackling Lethargy
Tackling lockdown lethargy by looking at your diet.

Putting some thought into how your diet affects your energy and mood levels is essential for kicking that lockdown lethargy. Read.

May 25th 2020 / Freelance Friendly
Did you forget someone last week?

It's important to remember the mental health of everyone on your team - not just those you employ. Read.

May 14th 2020 / Guides and Support
Tackling lethargy by getting active.

Exercise is a critical part of keeping our physical and mental health positive during lockdown. Read.

May 8th 2020 / Guides and Support
Feeling low and slow? Consider your sleep health to tackle lethargy.

After days and days of unusual, uncertain and unsettling times, a new feeling is starting to kick in - a sort of continual tiredness, low energy, low motivation: lethargy. Read.

May 4th 2020 / Guides and Support
1. Write article about the benefits of lists

Even if you're not a person who likes to plan, lists are an amazing tool in helping to keep on top of our mental health - and are especially valuable right now, whilst there's a lot going on (even if there's not a lot going on). Read.

April 17th 2020 / Guides and Support
"I think you're on mute" - Ways to make video calls less stressful.

We all need to take time ask whether we’re new tools in the best possible way, so we work well together - regardless of where we’re sat. Read.

April 9th 2020 / Guides and Support
Five reasons we're missing the commute.

Commutes create a useful boundary and regular time to use however we wish, let's create a positive commute whilst working from home. Read.

March 19th 2020 / Community updates and news
Leapers is moving into Calm Mode.

Leapers is changing our strategy over the coming weeks, and moving into 'calm' mode. Read.

March 17th 2020 / Community updates and news
IR35 reforms postponed until April 2021.

IR35 'off-payroll' reforms have been pushed back by twelve months, in order to better support small businesses during COVID-19. Read.

March 13th 2020 / Guides and Support
Working from home needs more slacking and less Slack.

We all need to give ourselves a break, literally and emotionally - else we risk burning out from the very same modern working practices which promise a better way of working. Read.

February 26th 2020 / Guides and Support
Four ways to tackle the anxiety IR35 might be creating if you're self-employed

IR35 is causing stress and anxiety for many self-employed and freelancers in the UK - here are some of our thoughts on how to better manage those concerns. Read.

February 13th 2020 / Guides and Support
Imposter Syndrome and the self-employed

A feeling of self-doubt of your skills regardless of evidence to the contrary, affects 70% of people, including the many of the self-employed. What is it and what can you do about it? Read.

January 10th 2020 / Community updates and news
Dear Harry and Meghan

We're offering our support to the newest members of the independent working community. Read.

January 7th 2020 / Freelance Friendly
6 predictions for 2020 that anyone working with freelancers need to consider.

As more people move to freelancing - what will we see happening in 2020, and what do businesses need to do to lean into the modern workforce? Read.

January 1st 2020 / Freelance Friendly
Why 2020 is the year businesses need to start being more freelance friendly.

Many businesses are not actively considering how to work with freelancers in the most effective and supportive way, with freelancers often being ‘bolted on’ to teams and expected to get hit the ground running. Why does this matter? Read.

December 28th 2019 / Community updates and news
Why every freelancer needs a cheerleader on their team.

Identify those in your network who might be your cheerleaders - those who can give you some objective positive praise, and shout about you to others Read.

August 10th 2019 / Freelance Friendly
When every organisation uses freelancers, who is responsible for them?

In modern work, the lines of responsibility and support are blurred — but there’s benefit in organisations taking increased responsibility, rather than less. Read.

July 27th 2019 /
The five foundations of freelancing.

Designing how you want to work requires thinking about the foundations for being able to work, and doing good work. Not just finding the work. Read.

January 1st 2019 /
How you doing?

Working for yourself can be challenging. So we’ve written a little guide to help you take care of you. Read.

January 13th 2010 / Community updates and news
It’s National Clean your Desk Day

You might not have a desk, but today could be a great day to think about some small business housecleaning techniques which may help manage your stress levels as a member of the modern workforce. Read.

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