On modern work, freelancing and mental health.

Whenever possible, we wrap up the conversations from our community in to useful articles and guides. Here are some of our thoughts.

March 19th 2020
Leapers is moving into Calm Mode.

Leapers is changing our strategy over the coming weeks, and moving into 'calm' mode. Read.

March 17th 2020
IR35 reforms postponed until April 2021.

IR35 'off-payroll' reforms have been pushed back by twelve months, in order to better support small businesses during COVID-19. Read.

March 13th 2020
Working from home needs more slacking and less Slack.

We all need to give ourselves a break, literally and emotionally - else we risk burning out from the very same modern working practices which promise a better way of working. Read.

March 9th 2020
Key things to consider if you're freelance and worried about coronavirus.

COVID-19 is looking set to have huge impacts globally - should the worse happen, and you need to stay at home, what things should the self-employed think about to prepare for the coronavirus? Read.

February 26th 2020
Four ways to tackle the anxiety IR35 might be creating if you're self-employed

IR35 is causing stress and anxiety for many self-employed and freelancers in the UK - here are some of our thoughts on how to better manage those concerns. Read.

February 13th 2020
Imposter Syndrome and the self-employed

A feeling of self-doubt of your skills regardless of evidence to the contrary, affects 70% of people, including the many of the self-employed. What is it and what can you do about it? Read.

January 13th 2020
It’s National Clean your Desk Day - Five ways to keep on top of the mess when you’re self-employed and don't even have a desk.

You might not have a desk, but today could be a great day to think about some small business housecleaning techniques which may help manage your stress levels as a member of the modern workforce. Read.

January 10th 2020
Dear Harry and Meghan, here's five things to think about now you're working for yourself.

We're offering our support to the newest members of the independent working community. Read.

January 7th 2020
6 predictions for 2020 that anyone working with freelancers need to consider.

As more people move to freelancing - what will we see happening in 2020, and what do businesses need to do to lean into the modern workforce? Read.

January 1st 2020
Why 2020 is the year businesses need to start being more freelance friendly.

Many businesses are not actively considering how to work with freelancers in the most effective and supportive way, with freelancers often being ‘bolted on’ to teams and expected to get hit the ground running. Why does this matter? Read.

December 28th 2019
Why every freelancer needs a cheerleader on their team.

Identify those in your network who might be your cheerleaders - those who can give you some objective positive praise, and shout about you to others Read.

August 10th 2019
When every organisation uses freelancers, who is responsible for them?

In modern work, the lines of responsibility and support are blurred — but there’s benefit in organisations taking increased responsibility, rather than less. Read.

July 27th 2019
The five foundations of freelancing.

Designing how you want to work requires thinking about the foundations for being able to work, and doing good work. Not just finding the work. Read.

May 13th 2019
10 Mental Health Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Go Freelance

Ten important questions to ask before you make the leap to self employment. We don’t always have the answers, but sharing and talking helps, and just because you work alone, doesn’t mean you are alone. Read.

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