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December 9:

Spend 15 minutes thinking about what you’re excited about for next year - try and note down ten, from small to large.

It's important to focus on things you're looking forward to, not only because it's a positive emotion - but because it unlocks two valuable things.

1. Motivation - the thing you're looking forward to next year is clearly something you want to happen. Why? What is it about this that makes you excited? This could be one of the common themes in what motivates you. Is it learning? Finish something? Starting something? Keeping a note of things you're excited about helps you understand the things you enjoy doing, and the things, perhaps, you don't.

2. A plan - what are the steps you're going to take to reach the thing you're looking forward to? Identifying the things you are excited about, or want to be doing - helps you create tangible plans to making sure it happens. What might get in the way? How can you make it happen sooner? Or happen more often?

It’s also lovely to share in what you’re excited about with others, so that we can all be part of the anticipation, and when it happens, it’s a moment we can all celebrate together. A community like Leapers can also help hold you accountable to making sure they happen, so you’re not doing it alone.

What are you excited about for next year?

Leave a comment here, or post on social, using the hashtag #LeapersAdvent, so we can follow along

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