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December 8:

Spend 15 minutes today reconnecting with people you've not said hello to recently.

Maintaining your support network is essential whilst you're freelancing - keeping in touch with people locally, old and potential clients, collaborators and just folk who understand the experience.

We all get busy, and it's easy to lose touch with people we don't see frequently, and this is amplified if you don't work in a location with others.

Take some time today to drop a quick note to a handful of people you've not contacted recently, and check-in with them. Perhaps they're a freelancer, and they might appreciate you asking how they're getting on. Perhaps they're an collaborator, and you want to follow-up on where a project went. Perhaps they're just a friend you've not said hello to in a while. No matter the reason, take 15 minutes to just reconnect.

Who will you be reconnecting with?

Leave a comment here, or post on social, using the hashtag #LeapersAdvent, so we can follow along

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