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December 2:

Spend 15 minutes today asking for feedback from your team-mates and clients.

Asking for feedback can be something we often forget to do, don't feel comfortable doing, and is often not offered voluntarily - but it's an essential part of growing and developing as a professional.

As you probably don't have 'annual reviews' any more, it's important to make sure you're still gathering feedback.

Take time today to send an email to three or four people you've worked with this year, and ask them for pointed feedback. If you're not sure what type of feedback you'd like, or you don't feel they'd know what to offer, perhaps offer some of these questions:

+ Where was I the most helpful in our project?
+ If we were to work together again, what could I do better?
+ Were there any areas you would have liked to have been done different?
+ What would you recommend me for to your colleagues?
+ What areas do you think I could focus on improving?
+ What three words would you use to describe me?

Ideally - make sure you're following up straight after projects to gather feedback, perhaps set a reminder in your invoicing process to ask for feedback, or a calendar reminder four weeks after project completion.

For the most positive feedback items, you can use these as testimonials or even just little prompts to look at when you're having a day where you're feeling less capable.

What feedback did you uncover?

Leave a comment here, or post on social, using the hashtag #LeapersAdvent, so we can follow along

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