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December 17:

Spend 15 minutes today treating yourself, a cup of tea, a slice of cake, a meditation session, or just a moment for you.

The end of the year isn't the only time to find time for you, but it's especially important to take a moment to celebrate and reward yourself for having a great year. No matter how challenging, no matter how successful, no matter how your year has gone - you've put yourself out there to work in a way which aligns more with your needs, your aims, and your direction.

Take 15 minutes to find a little treat for yourself. It might be a cup of tea, a guilt-free brownie, a walk around the block, or just shut your computer down for lunch and go grab some time doing something different.

You deserve it.

How are you going to treat yourself?

Leave a comment here, or post on social, using the hashtag #LeapersAdvent, so we can follow along

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