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December 16:

Spend 15 minutes today thinking about what wisdom you’ve taken from others this year.

Freelancing, whilst solitary, can also be incredibly collaborative - I've found that most freelancers are very ready to share their experience, openly and honestly - even if, in many ways, they are a 'competitor' for the same type of work you're doing.

That's why many of us are so happy to connect, share and talk about our experiences and share how we have approached a challenging issue or just listen to others - and today's door is about reflecting upon the wisdom you've gathered from others.

Take 15 minutes to draw up a list of talks, events, people you've spent time with - and note down one thing from each, one thing that you took away from that person, that conversion, that presentation, which you feel was a powerful insight or piece of wisdom. These notes can be used across your year to think upon. You might even want to create a deck of cards using post-it notes or scraps of paper with a statement on it which you return to over the year.

And next year, think about how you can continue to learn from others, capture their insights, and share them with others - so that the entire community may benefit

What wisdom did you discover this year?

Leave a comment here, or post on social, using the hashtag #LeapersAdvent, so we can follow along

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