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December 14:

Spend 15 minutes today thinking about one thing you want to achieve next year.

Setting clear goals is a really important part of self-employed life - you don't have a manager or business to do this for you, so without taking the time to sit down, think about the year ahead and plan a handful of specific and measurable goals, it can be easy to fall behind where you're headed.

Just take a bunch of paper, and reflect upon the wins from this year, and think about how you can push them a little further. What is one step you can go beyond next year?

It can seem overwhelming to think about what is coming next, and where you want your career or life to head - sometimes, you're simply just getting the work done, and making sure there's an income coming in - so if you feeling like it's an task too large to handle, work with someone else. Find a buddy to work through your thoughts with, it doesn't have to be a mentor, but it helps if they understand your work, so they can challenge you, ask good questions, and check your goal is attainable.

Equally - goals don't have to be this big thing you do at the start of each year, in fact, it's better to break them down into smaller more managable steps, and review them on a regular basis. Perhaps focus on just the first three months of the year, and then put a quarterly meeting in for yourself, where you can sit, review, and plan ahead again.

What goal have you decided to pursue next year?

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