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December 10:
Let it go.

Spend 15 minutes to think about one thing you want to let go of: a bad behaviour, a self-critical thought, or a negative working habit.

We can all be exceedingly self-critical at times - especially if we're working solo, and rely only upon our own internal monologue to judge whether something is good enough. Whilst it is essential to ensure you're getting feedback from others to objectively understand where you need to develop further, or where your strengths like - it's also really good practise to just sometimes give yourself a break.

Today's exercise is about being kind to yourself, and letting go of a negative or self-critical thought or behaviour you have. Do you always beat yourself up for not putting enough time in, or putting too much time in? Do you overly criticise yourself when you've presented a piece of work, or worry that your presentation wasn't strong enough?

Take 15 minutes to just think about the unfair judgements you make about your work and your practise, and write a little note to yourself which you can pull out any time you're being acting in this way or berating yourself for working in this way - you'll know what you need the note to say to you when you need it most.

Then, over the next year, pull out the note when you catch yourself falling into a bad habit, and either take a moment to pause, or say "hey, it's okay, don't sweat it", and carry on mindfully.

What one thing will you let go of next year?

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