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Help our project continue to support the mental health of the self-employed.

Since 2017, we've supported over 50,000 people looking for help to work well. Our project provides peer-support, community, content, resources and guidance to over 3000 new people every month, and a core community of over 4000 registered members.

We do this as a passion driven project without charging our members because we feel it's important to do and support should be free, yet we have hard costs which grow with every new member.

If you've found Leapers useful to you, you feel the work we're doing is valuable, or you're an organisation which wants to invest in making our project more sustainable - please consider making a regular contribution to our running costs.

If paid support is not right for you - please pay-it-forward, by telling someone you know about the work we do.

Support our work

Choose a regular amount to contribute to our work

£5 /monthly

Support us

This helps us buy a cup of coffee to keep on working hard to support the 5M self-employed in the UK.

nb. we'll take £15 once every three months to keep payment fees down.

£10 /monthly

Support us

A regular donation helps us do more and create additional resources and support for anyone who needs it. Thank-you for your generosity.

£99 /monthly

Support us

If you're an organisation who believes in what we're doing and appreciates how we support your extended team - we welcome direct support from business.

Or a one-off donation
to say thank you

Support us

Make a one-off donation to enable us to continue supporting the mental health of the self-employed.

Please note - that all products and subscriptions on this page are entirely voluntary donations, and provide no additional benefits or services, and as a result are outside of the scope of VAT, as per VAT Notice 701/5 October 2013.

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