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Community Guidelines

When you join Leapers, you're agreeing to our principles of community.

These are light touch but important principles which help to maintain the supportive environment which Leapers is.

Last updated: May 2022

1. Be Supportive.

There's a single reason we're members, because we recognise that working for yourself can be challenging, and we want to support each other in doing that. Regardless of your type of employment, the purpose of our group is support, to both offer and receive it.

2. Be Open.

All of our groups are open-channels, there is no membership criteria. We do not have groups which are only for certain sub-groups of our community (i.e. by gender or by interest). This is intentional.

3. Listen before you speak.

Spend some time in the community before you post. Browse the channels, read others messages, understand the tone and intention of the content before you start posting - it'll help you get better responses to your requests and comments. Of course, you're welcome to introduce yourself at any time, and there's no obligation to ever post - we are very happy for people to lurk, listen and like as long as they wish.

When you do choose to post - please select the appropriate channel for your message, i.e. #lounge for general chat, #askanything for advice. You might be asked to repost in a different channel if your message is not in the best place - this helps our members find relevant content.

Please don't post the same message in multiple channels.

4. No judgement.

What works for you might not work for others, please don't make judgement calls on anyone's behaviours, decisions or actions - as it is entirely possible you don't have the whole story. Ask questions, try to understand, but don't ever say something is right or wrong.

5. No shoulds.

If you're offering advice, please don't say "you should...", try starting with sharing what has worked for you, or things that you've tried in the past, and offer it up as experience, rather than advice.

6. No selling.

Leapers is not a place to find work. You might build relationships which lead to work, but please no overt commercial pitching. There is a channel called #marketplace where you're allowed to do this. Posting anything outside of #marketplace which clearly is a request or offer of paid services, and you'll be asked to delete and repost.

7. Give and Take.

Any members who are clearly joining the community with the express purpose of leveraging the group or its content for personal or commercial gain may be asked to leave. This includes anyone who wants to join the group to gather 'insight on the freelance community' or uses the group to self-promote their own activities. You earn this right by being an active member of the community over time. If you would like to access the community in this way, but are not an active member - please speak to a community host or read below for further clarification.

8. Unsolicited Messaging.

Please do not private or direct message other members with any form of unsolicited messages. This may include (but not limited to) offers of services, marketing, gathering insight or personal/private introductions. Wherever possible, keep your conversations in public spaces. We're completely happy for our members to continue a conversation offline/in private if appropriate, but unsolicited / initiating private conversations without invitation should be avoided.

The exception to this is where you wish to talk to a Community Host.

9. Bad Behaviour.

If you behave in a way which is against our guidelines or the general tone of the community, one of our hosts will let you know that you're possibly behaving in a negative way. This isn't a warning, but a reminder. If you're not sure of what the tone of the community is like, you probably haven't been a member long enough.

If there's a second instance, you'll be asked to mind your behaviour and re-read the community guidelines.

If you're asked a third time, you'll may be asked to stop posting or leave the community. If you do not leave, we may take action to remove you from the group.

Community Hosts can delete any content or accounts which we deem inappropriate, harmful to the community, or in direct violation to these principles without notice.

If you see any behaviours within the group, please notify a Community Host as soon as possible

Using Leapers for Insight

As a community of over 3000 self-employed members, Leapers is clearly a treasure trove of insight and experiences - which we all call upon when looking for support on our journey. We welcome any of our active members looking to the community for wisdom.

However, if you’re looking to ask the community a question for commercial benefit (i.e. looking to gather insights to build a service which you charge for) or if you represent an organisation (i.e. community or company) and wish to post content on for that organisation’s benefit, we ask that you please do not post directly in to the community space, without speaking to a Community Host first.

Equally, if you're looking to gather insight from the community to be repurposed and republished for use in other content or works, (i.e. surveying our community and similar), again we ask that you speak to a Community Host before posting any such request. Generally, we will only approve this request if you've been an active member for some time, your use of our members time is fairly remunerated; and / or the work is re-shared under similar open values.

We are trying to create a safe space where people can openly share, and often this can make people feel rather exposed and vulnerable, so any messages which suggest that there are people in the community who are here to take from it, without giving back, can harm this.

If you’re a new member, spend some time in the channels before your first post. If in doubt, contact a Community Host

If you represent an organisation rather yourself individually, speak to a Community Host about registering as a Freelance Friendly Business, so we can help you get the best possible insights for your service, but in the safest and more reliable way.

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