huru. we have a responsibility to support those we work with, regardless of employment contract.

How are you?

We are currently running a research project to understand the relationship between freelancing and mental health - so we can better support our community. We'll use the insights we uncover to create better tools, techniques and tips for anyone who would find them useful, as well as lobbying organisations to do more to support their independent talent.

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What's the problem?

The UK has woken up to the issue of mental health and social isolation.

The government is calling upon employers to play their role in supporting their employees mental health.

But with the dramatic increase in the gig-economy, and the numbers of freelance and the self-employed, there's a growing number of people without employees. This is 15% of the UK's workforce today, and only set to grow in size.

It's not okay to just call upon the freelancers who are happy and healthy, and ignore the rest.

We believe there is a critical need to address the issue of loneliness and mental health for independent workers.

If flexible working and access to independent talent is part of our future, we also need to create a support structure which enables it to be sustainable.

What are we doing?

We aren't writing manifestos, committing to pledges or creating thought leadership. We are taking action.

Individuals must take responsibility for their own wellbeing, but organisations who rely upon independent workers must responsibility too. This project is about identifying tangible and valuable actions for organisations to take.

Over the course of 2019, we will:

_Underway: Work with pioneering organisations who will commit to identify and implement tangible actions to better support their independent talent.

_Underway: Commission a research study into understanding how independent workers engage with and invest in their own mental wellbeing

_ Open source the interventions our pioneers create, so others can copy/steal/modify/build within their own organisations

_ Look to find ways to celebrate and highlight those organisations where independent workers are welcome.

_ Create better interventions, tools and techniques to support the community at large.

Who are the pioneers?

We're not sharing the names of the organisations just yet, but we have a large communications business with over 2000 people in the UK, a leading recruitment business, a progressive research agency, a technology solutions team, a creative services business, a digital agency, a coworking space, and others.

Come back during Summer to see what interventions have been created

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